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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blog Hiatus

I have been on a serious hiatus lately from both blogging and blog reading, and frankly it's great. It's high time for me to re-think my blogging habits and my subs. This comment from Chris Coulter on Scoble's blog nailed it - just don't start!!

I also can't find the reference right now, but Bill de hÓra had a very cool GTD-like suggestion awhile back around organizing subs into daily/weekly/monthly reading folders. I seriously need to do that.

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At 8:58 AM, Blogger James McGovern said...

The blogging hiatus may be good for you but not necessarily for your fan club...

At 2:52 PM, Blogger scott said...

Thanks, James, but with my T-shirt sales down so much I had to do something to get you guys to appreciate me.


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