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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Must listen: Jon Udell and Lou Rosenfeld

I am finally catching up on my podcast listening - two key factors are responsible. For one thing, my otherwise extremely cool employer decided to move my office 25 miles away so now I have a lovely commute with plenty of think time. The other is that I decided to spoil myself, and finally blew a pile of money squirreled away in mattresses on an iPod. Was it a stretch to make this part of my commute coping strategy? I don't think so - this is precious podcast time!

Anyhow, I finally listened to Jon Udell's conversation with Lou Rosenfeld, and this is a fantastic listen. Jon's title for this conversation is "A conversation with Lou Rosenfeld about search analytics, information architecture, and designing for usability", but that doesn't do it justice. They discuss the false dichotomy of folksonomies and controlled vocabularies, the process of creating and consuming meta information, and microformats among many other topics. Lou calls this "an interesting and wandering discussion" and he's right on.

I have been a subscriber to both Jon and Lou for quite awhile now and they do not disappoint. Lou covered some of his upcoming publishing efforts, and the notion of participatory publishing. So you should definitely get in on the action if this is your field or interest area.

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