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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Brief Update on Conference Attendance for 2006

Thought I would drop some very brief thoughts on conference attendance for 2006. I am seriously bummed that I missed MinneBar due to prior engagements - I am very hip on that type of conference format. Chock full of practioners and a heavy dose of social networking. Cote' got me interested with his thoughts on BarCampAustin, and low and behold we had one here that I missed. Could it be that we get ourselves in on BarCampEarth? What do you say Twin Cities techies?

At this point the main event this year for me will be the Colorado Software Summit in October. This will be my second time (an alumnus!) and I'm definitely looking foward to it. This conference was very intense - early morning to early evening everyday, lots of great folks to network with in between. The presentations are heavily technical, and satisfy the hunger for details. Definitely drop me a line if you will be there. I would also love to meet any other Denver-area techies when I pass through either Sunday or Friday - could there possibly be a Denver Tech Meetup happening around then? I should be so lucky... unless they are locals only. ;-)

I'm also considering presenting at a Delphi Group event the week before - would be extremely interested if anyone could provide me with references or a review of a prior Delphi event, either in comments or via email. What do you say readers, is this worth the time?

We have people going to the Agile and No Fluff events this year, so I'm hoping to glean something from those through osmosis. I seriously should have presented at Agile this year, considering that it's in my backyard. Oh well.


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