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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Support Your Local Minutemen!

I am a huge fan of the minutemen, and if you were not already aware they have a 2-disc DVD set called "we jam econo" that has just been released for the bargain price of US $20. You are advised to purchase this set! :-) I have also adopted that phrase as my new mantra for enterprise architecture - I believe in jamming econo whenever you can, and especially before you jam big spend-o on large scale enterprise software.

On a related note, I have been trading music recommendations for awhile now with certain friends. I have been amazed a few times that James can't download certain tracks because of his UK-ness, which is crazy. I guess I thought we were in a global economy or something.

There are obvious historical economic forces at work, but if the mythical alien landed and looked at this situation, wouldn't he/she/it think that media would be the first leveled commodity in a globally networked market?


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