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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Matt Raible Wins Class Award at CSS

Matt Raible wins the class award at the Colorado Software Summit this week.  A big part of the conference are the collective evening Q&A sessions and then breakout BOF (birds of a feather) sessions.  There is a bulleting board where people can post BOF topic ideas, and others add their name if they are interested.

On Tuesday someone asked at the Q&A why there wasn't a general session on Spring this year.  Matt's reponse from the audience was that he has a week's worth of Spring training material already prepared, and he would be glad to distilll it down and do a Spring BOF / presentation some evening.  FIrst round goes to Matt.

At the Q&A last night, there was some discussion around whether the Spring BOF should be on Wednesday or Thursday, with some people from the audience favoring Wednesday.  Matt chimes in and says that he originally suggested Thursday because then he can get some copies of his book shipped up to give away at the BOF!  Followed by a round of applause...

Sure geeks are suckers for free stuff, but Matt gets bonus points for class.  It's a tiring week already when you are presenting here and he's going the extra mile for his community.  Very cool, Matt.



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