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Monday, April 24, 2006

Check Me Out On RedMonk Radio

First Chris Dalby got to say it, not I get to say it, too: check me out on RedMonkRadio! Episode 8 is entitled "Scott Mark's Industry Analyst Interviews, part 1: James Governor and Coté" and is the culmination of some idea-kicking-around I have been doing with James and Coté for some time.

I have been a podcast listener for awhile, and this is my debut as a participant in any podcast. It's kind of an odd thing - just recording a conversation among friends and broadcasting it to the world. I found it fun to do and to listen to, but I'm genuinely curious if others do. I do think the topic itself is interesting and would expect others to be interested in it as well. But the odd part is thinking that one of my conversations is interesting enough for others to take time to listen to. It got at least 3 plays on Odeo, but I suppose that was just the admin who posted it. ;-)

Drop a comment somewhere if you listened - we have been kicking around some other names for this as a mini-series if people are actually interested. Though Coté titled it part1, so I supposed I'm committed whether you guys like it or not!


At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Dave Nicolette said...

El próximo paso debe ser un podcast en español.

At 3:05 AM, Blogger Cote' said...

I enjoyed the podcast myself: both recording and listening to it ;)

I'm glad my labeling it as "part 1" has "trapped" you into doing more, as I'm eager to hear what other folks say ;)

At 7:47 AM, Blogger scott said...

Dave - necesito crecer mi confianza un rato antes de hacer podcast en español, pero me encanta la sugerencia. Quizás podemos charlar tú y yo en un podcast sobre los métodos ágiles?

Cote - I'm all in, I got some additional names from James and will be subsribing to get to know them a bit first. Let me know if you hear from anyone!

At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Dave Nicolette said...

Yo sería honorado...pero mi español es lejos de fluido.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Dave Nicolette said...

Scott, my wife (whose native language is Spanish) had a look at our exchange here and laughed her head off. Even so, yo estaría honorado, pero mi español está lejos de fluido.

Let's do something in a language that doesn't have so many "to be" verbs, like Russian. Better yet, a language we actually know, like English.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger James McGovern said...

Haven't listened to it yet but plan to do so over the weekend. Any chance we could turn it up a notch and ask harder questions?

At 8:27 AM, Blogger scott said...

Dave - point taken! I will definitely stick with English for the majority of my podcasting. However, I would never let little things like public failure and humiliation stand in the way of expanding my horizons. I would still risk a podcast in Spanish if the right things came together.

James - sounds like maybe you have listened at least a little to comment on the questions? ;-) I'll say first that these are meant to be informational interviews on what it's like to *work* as analyst, rather than probe them from my current POV as an analysis consumer... not sure if that's what you're working towards or not. But if you have thoughts about questions from my intended perspective, I would love to see an "Outstanding Questions" post on that. I'll comb through your earlier posts in that vein. Lastly, I am seriously new to podcast interviewing, and one of my first learnings is that it's hard to work through a list of questions and keep the podcast to a reasonable length. But I agree with your point - will be turning it up on future interviews.


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