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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More on Architecture Podcasts

A follow up on my previous post, but this one with a slightly more positive bent. ;-)

Here are a few of the architecture and development podcasts that I have found useful lately:

  • The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Open Source SIG has a great podcast on Open Source in the Enterprise. I have only listened to part 2 so far but there is some great discussion around governance and comparison of companies with different cultures and different approaches to evaluation and adoption.
  • IT Conversations has an interesting talk by Kent Beck on developer testing. Kent has a very relaxing tone and conversational style - almost hypnotic. (I listened to this while running the other day. I hadn't run in a very long while, and pushed my 3 mile target into a 5 mile - I thank Kent for putting me into a trance.) He has some good thoughts around thinking in terms of code health rather than quality or coverage and the traditional terms. Code health is the ability to respond to change - a good perspective on ultimately why you should write tests.
  • PC Talk Radio - "Entering the Participation Age". This interview is a rehash / expansion of the talk that Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer at Sun, gave at the Colorado Software Summit last fall. Phipps is a great conversationalist and lays out the interaction framework business models for what it means to have a commons that is built upon by contribution. Good stuff.
  • Redmonk episode 1 was overdue - these will be great podcasts. I'm marginally interested in the Writely acquisition, but these guys are a great listen. I see that Episode 2 is already up - nice job, guys!
  • On a related note, I have been working my way through various Drunk and Retired podcasts. If you like your tech content strong and straight up, then I suggest you look elsewhere. But I think these are definitely entertaining - Charles and Cote are a couple of bright guys talking software along with zombies and elves (you'll have to listen to understand). This is the sort of thing I have wanted to do for awhile, but is on the list of probably won't get to it - a morning talk radio-style technology show.
  • I understand from Richard that the Ajaxian podcasts are a good listen, but haven't grabbed any of those yet.
  • Speaking of Richard, Burton Group has started some podcasting, which seem to be in the brief overview segment - refreshing. I just noticed they have one on Skype, which I just got on this week - have to check that out.

Let me know if you have any decent podcasts to suggest...


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Cote' said...

That's a nice round know, not to mention that there's two podcasts I'm involved in the list ;)

Self-hyping fun aside, would you consider talking the time to help maintain a "recommended listening" podcast? I started one up myself, but it went by the wayside. The basic mechanics were that you just had to bookmark the URL for the MP3 of the podcast, and then it's podcasted.

In fact, we can use the old feed I already have. I probably just need to widen the feed to tags from everyone, not just me.

At 6:57 AM, Blogger scott said...

Yes, you're really the star of that post when you think about it Cote'!

I like the idea of your feed - I would probably be as much a consumer as a contributor, but let's chat about that. Sounds cool.


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